Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Everything is going great here in the mountains of Momostenango. It was a great week except for Wednesday and Thursday. Jajajajaj my comp and I had stomach problems from something we ate. It was a rough 2 days jajajaj. But now we are doing okay. Other than those 2 days of roughness, we had exito in the work. We have investigator families who are progressing right now. They are the familias Baten and familia Pu Tojin. They are positive families and they are learning a lot. I am also learning a lot from them as they ask questions. I love when they ask questions because it tells us that they are paying attention and that the can speak sapnish. Sometimes we start teaching people who at first spoke really good spanish but then end up telling us that they don't understand spanish because they can only speak quiche. Jajajaj it is a struggle but I am learning a little bit of quiche to be able to communicate a little bit more with them. 

Hey I am really happy to hear about the blessing of Kate. Yeah I know that Kate is special. Yesterday I was looking at the pictures that yall sent me of her and I smiled at each photo. She is so little and so beautiful. I am glad to be her Uncle Billy.

And of course I am gonna come back to Guatemala. I am gonna come back as a normal person to be able to go and pasear jajajaj. Everyone needs to be able to pasear de vez en cuando jajajaj. Well I hope that all is well with yall back in the state of Texas. I am loving it here in Guatemala. I really really wanna spend Christmas here in the mountains of Panca. There are so many members and investigators whom I have come to love as family. We'll see what the Lord says. If He leaves me, awesome! If He takes me out, awesome! I'll do whatever and go wherever He wants me. I love and miss yall!!!

Elder William Atilio Chicas 

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