Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Dear Family,

This has been a great week. I received a new companion. I am now on my 11th comp and I just have 11.5 months. Jajajaj I promise that I am not being bad. I am just blessed to have many comps to learn from. So my new comp is another gringo. He is Elder Harrison. He is from Utah. El es de la fabrica. But he is cool cause he was born in Texas. So at least he was born in a great state. This week was hard. We didn´t have many lessons cause everyone was on vacation so they all went to pasear por allí jajajaj. But yeah we did what we could. We contacted a lot this week. We are trying to find new people to teach. So not much has happened besides that. And I am sad to say that I didn´t take any pics this week. I failed at the pics this week. I am sorry. But yeah I hopé that yall are doing great! I love and miss yall! 

Elder Chicas

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Dear Family,
I haven´t written an email in a while. Yes , I know that I have been slacking. And I know that i also haven´t been sending a lot of pictures but now I have quite a lot to send. 
And I forgot to mention that I got my backpack today! Thank you!!!!! I was craving some chocolate. 
So yeah this was a great week. We finished hard since it is my comp´s last P-Day today. So we did everything we could. So tomorrow I will receive my 11th comp in just 11.5 months jajaj. But we will keep working too. So yeah let me explain there pictures. The picture when I am in corte is when we were visiting a less active member. Her name is Evelin. She is a nice sister but the reason she doen´t come to church is because of work. So we are gonna help her. Then a sister made us pupusas. Oh they were super good! The sister is from El Salvador, where they make las mera pupusas jajajaj. They were good but grandma can make better. Then I bought a jersey. It is pretty cool. Then Elder Young and I are at the table cause a member gave us paches to eat. So we ate them and man were there great! Then I tested my shoe polishing skills and they are really good. But Guatemalans just have that special touch that is even better. I am one half chapín so that is my excuse jajajaj. Then I pulled out the red card on the referee. Yeah, I am the one in charge now. That ref is a member of the church. He is actually from a different ward but he comes down to our area to be a ref. Then we went with a member family because my comp is leaving and they wanted to give him a little goodbye fiesta. So they made us paches. Right there in the pics are Anderson, Antolina, Elde Young, y también yo. So yeah they you go. And in this last pic is Beken and Rosa with me. They just got married and they are also gonna have a baby. I love them so much! They were always buena onda. Rosa was an investigator. But she got baptized. I wasn´t able to go to the baptism cause I live an hour away from Ixta, my last area. But they plan on staying active and they invited me to go to the temple with them when she completes a year of being a member. Oh I am so excited! Well yeah that was my week. I love and miss yall!
Elder Chicas
 I can´t wait for you to see the pics. They are pretty great jajajaj!
Believe me. I always drink a lot of water. I need as much as I can get.
I love you mother and father. Have a great trip back home. I love yall!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

I am glad to know that yall are going to Xela. I am doing great. I feel great. And yeah I know that I have more that 11 months now. And tell father that I said HAPPY FATHER DAY! I love yall. And I will send pics next week.

Hey mother and father! I am super glad to no that yall are enjoying Guatemala. I am glad that yall got to see some missionaries. Whatever they are doing, I am also doing. We worke hard and we shre the same message. I hope yall continue enjoying it here. I also love the pictures yall sent me. Thanks. And are yall gonna go to the temple in Xela? I love and miss yall!

Elder Chicas

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015


I am glad to know that yall made it to Guatemala alright. I hope yall enjoy it! I love and miss yall too!
Calidad. Estoy alegre que llegaron. Digales a todos que Elder Chicas dice hola. Ojala que todos esten bien. Les amo y les extraño muchísimo! Tomense fotos ustedes.

Okay well I am about to leave. So I will talk to yall next week. I love yall!

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
 Well this was a good week even though my comp has parasites jajajaj. I feel sorry for him but that is the way it is. But when he could, we would go to work. We went to go visit members and do an activity with them to get new references. So that was great because the members love getting active in the missionary work. Jajajaj my birthday was great! We went with a member and his wife who is not a member and we bought pizza. The member's family was also there. So there were 6 people in the house. Each person got there own box of pizza. And each person ate the whole pizza alone. Let's just say that after that I could barely walk. I was so full! It was really good pizza though. It was from Dominoes. Then we had another member invite us to their house so we could eat cake. Well they sang happy birthday and then they brought out the cake. Let's just say that I made the mistake of trying to take a bite of cake. Let's just say they pushed my face in the cake. My face was covered jajajaj. But I enjoyed it quite alot! We found 11 new investigators too. It was really cool cause the whole week we weren't having luck finding anyone until Saturday came. We found all of the good news on Saturday. They are really cool families too. So we are gonna work with them. 
Elder Chicas