Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
I am doing great. I am enjoying my new area. It is an awesome place. I am now in the city part of Huehuetenango. My week was pretty great. also. We had a lot of lessons with members. They were really key lessons and they all went well. It has been hot, quite hot. Let's just say that I bought a 2 liter bottle of water and it was gone within 20 minutes. I refilled it 4 times in 1 day. I am just sweating like crazy here jajajaj. We didn't really have any big problems with any dogs this week. There was one who got close to getting a chunk out of my leg. But we made it passed him safely. On the way back out we heard him. But we couldn't see where he was and we had forgotten our flashlights at the house. But we just booked it out of that area. So we are all good. This week I have eaten a lot of 7 caldos (a really hot chili pepper). It is really good but it burns quite a lot jajajaj. There is this family who makes their all their food with 7 caldos. So let's just say that I am chilero now. I think I was sweating more when I ate that pepper by itself than when I was walking all day. Jajajajaj I was on fire. I got a video but I can´t download videos on here because it is too big for this email. But I will share a lot of video with yall when I get back home.
The name of the ward is Colonia but the name of the city is Huehuetenango, Huehuetango, Guatemala.

I bought a really cool jacket today. It is called traje de todos santos. The jacket is awesome! I will send pics with it on next week

Let's just say I got some corte pants. And they are sick! Jajajajaja.

Love Elder Chicas


Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hola familia y amigos,
How is it going for yall? I hope that everything is going great for yall. I am here in Guatemala living the dream. I love it here. So yeah as yall know I had changes. I got changes to an area called Colonia. I am still in Huehuetenango but now I am in the city. Ixtahuacan was a little town with a lot of aldeas. But now I am back in the city. Instead of the people speaking mam, they only speak spanish now. Jajajaj the struggle. My new comp is Elder Young. He is a gringo from the Unites States. He is in his last change meaning that he is gonna be done with the mission within 5 weeks. But he is a cool comp. We worked hard this week. I left Ixtahuacan at 3:30 a.m. and got to my new area around 7. Let's just say that when I got here, I was super tired. So I took a power nap of like 20 minutes then we got to work. We have this super pilas family that is progressing. They are the Familia Rios. There are 10 members in the family. They are really buena onda. They have been reading the Book of Mormon. We had 2 super great lessons with them this week. Yesterday we went with them and she told us that she has seen a change in her family since we started visiting them. They are keeping compromisos which is really great! So hopefully they will be able to continue. So far the people here have been buena onda. I don't see as much corte or hear as much mam as I did in Ixtahuacan. It is great to be able to talk to the people in spanish. I knew justa  little bit of mam. It was hard to teach when I couldn´t speak the language of mam. But it was a great experience. Well I don´t have much to report this week because I don't remember the peoples names here yet. But yeah it is great to be here. And yup I know that I am turning 19 within 2 weeks. I am getting old jajajajaj. Well I love and miss yall! 
Elder Chicas

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015


Ayer yo también me divertí por tener la oportunidad de hablar con usted por medio del Skype. Skype es una bendición y estoy muy feliz que pude hablar con ustedes ayer. Y si el tiempo se fue muy rápido. Así me siento en la misión. El tiempo va y va y nunca se detiene. Pero si estoy muy agradecido a mi Padre Celestial por esa oportunidad. Pero si, si tengo cambios. Nos avisaron ayer a las 10:30. Hoy también me avisaron que yo voy al área de Colonia. Todavía voy a estar en Huehue. Pero en vez de estar en las aldeas y esta pequeña ciudad que yo amo, ahora me voy a la mera ciudad. Si voy a extrañar esta área pero yo hice lo que yo podía hacer. Mamá, estoy disfrutando todo de mi misión. Cada cosa que ha pasado, cada cosa que está pasando, cada cosa que pasará, estoy disfrutando todo. Nunca voy a poder olvidar de esto. Realmente, yo ha sentido un cambio en mi mismo. Yo estoy mas cerca de Dios. Yo se que el tiene un plan para mi y también para ustedes, mis familia. Ayer fuimos con un investigador que esta pasando mucha cosas difíciles. Compartimos esa escritura en Alma 36:3, Le dijimos que si ella pusiera toda su confianza en el Señor, el le ayudará. Ella empezó a llorar porque ella sentio algo cuando leímos esa escritura. Ella estaba muy alegres que pasamos con ella. Yo también se que fuimos con ella y su familia por una razón. El Señor no ayudo saber que necesitábamos ir con ella. Yo se si nosotros seguimos los consejos que nos da el Espíritu Santo, van a poder trabajar mas eficazmente. Entonces necesitamos seguir adelante. También ayer en la noche fuimos con un miembro de la iglesia. El se llama Arturo Villatoro. El es un miembro calidad. El dijo que siente una decepción. Pero compartimos la escritura en 3 Nefi 3:15. Le explicamos que estamos llamados para declarar su palabra. El fue llamado como el maestro de la escuela dominical. También nos dice que somo discípulos de Jesucristo. Le explicamos de que las personas también maltrataron a Jesucristo. Pero El hizo las cosas que necesitaba hacer. El padeció y murió para nosotros. El nos amo mucho. Y también amo a las personas que lo maltrataron. También unos de sus apóstoles lo traiciono. Entonces no debemos estar enojados porque a El también paso. El ya conoció nuestros pecados, penas, enfermedades, y dificultades. Entonces antes de estar enojados a alguien podemos "Recordar a El". Yo estoy muy feliz de poder se uno de sus discípulos. Gracias por todo! Les amo y les extraño.

Con amor,
Elder Chicas

Y perdón, no tengo mi camera hoy. It is already packed up in my suit cases jajajaja. Sorry

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
 I hope everything is going great for yall. This was a great week that just passed. I hope that is was great for yall too. This week we worked with the members and less actives. We figured that the only way that this branch is gonna progress is if the members have strong testimonies. So we went and visited a lot of members and less actives. This week was not too hot because it was raining quite a lot. We have an investigator, Rosa Maya Lopez, who accepted the date to be baptized on May 16. She is the wife of one of our members. She is super pilas. We also went with some investigators who made us carne asada. Oh it was super good. They took us took a little ranch that they have here in the area. It was really nice. We ate then talked to them for a while. So yeah that was my week. Not much but working with members. I love and miss yall!
 Elder Chicas
This little calf absolutely hated me. I would get to touch his head and he would just go crazy jajajaja
Oh and the little kid next to me is Dominic.