Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2104 (Get out your Translators!) :)

¡Como estan? Todo va muy bien aquí en Xela. Hoy jugamos frisbee como una zona. Fue muy chilero jajaj. Ahora hablo como un guatemalteco. Lo siento mamá jajajaj. 
¿Como fue su primer día en la escuela? ¿Tiene muchos estudiantes? ¿Que les enseño hoy? Estoy aprendiendo como hablar kiche. Es muy duro pero quiero aprender. Hay unas áreas donde la gente no puede hablar español solo kiche. Entonces va ser muy calidad si aprendo como hablar kiche.  Me gusta kiche mas. Y lo siento si mi español no es perfecto jaja. Pero yo puedo hablar y entender. Siempre estoy aprendiendo.Ya hablo como un guatemalteco. Pero me gusta jajaj. En 4 meses exactos van a poder escuchar me. Se va poner muy frió de noviembre hasta enero. Tomé muchos fotos chileras esta semana. Los amo y gracias por todo. 
Que bueno que les gusten las fotos.  Tell Marilyn that in the picture where me and my comp are wearing our suits, he has a Donald Trump tie too!!! Mine is obviously better though because my sister gave me mine jajaj! 
Me da mucho felicidad saber que ustedes leen las escrituras. Las escrituras son las palabras de Dios. Podemos aprender mucho de las escrituras. Mi historia favorita esta en Alma 56. 
Me siento muy bien en la iglesia. Entiendo todo. Y no todavía no me an pedido discursar. Se los mando cuando me pidan. Pues siempre estoy mejorando mi español jajaj. Pero enserio estos 2 meses pasaron muy rápidos. Estoy muy feliz de estar serviendo El Señor. 
Los investigadores son buenos. Tenemos 7 quienes son muy positivos. Mañana vamos a ponerles una fecha para que puedan ser bautizados. Ellos son bien pilas. Yo se que si van a ser bautizados. 5 son de la Familia Menchu y los otros se llaman Yoselin y Gersón.  
Yo hice platanitos Y una hermana nos hizo elotes el sábado y otra hermana nos dio tamales. Pero aquí les llaman paches. Cuando yo llegue les dije "me gustan estos tamales." Entonces la hermana me informo que hay como 5 tamales diferentes aquí en Guate jajaj.
Papá, todavía estoy aprendiendo los nombres de todas estas comidas. 
Pues ya es hora que me tengo que ir. Papá y mamá, les quiero mucho y los extraño también. Hasta el próximo Lunes. Diganles hola a Andres y Antonio.

Elder William Atilio Chicas

Se llama Hermana Laurenia. 

Tomamos esta foto porque esto era muy chilero.

 Aqui esta un foto de la familia Menchu. Yo y mi compañero no salimos jajajaj. Esta familia me cae muy bien. 

 I sent you a letter (through the mail). We´ll see how long it takes to get over there. I sent it on August 18. So inform me when you get it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 (You can listen to a song as you look at the PICTURES) :)

Dear Family and Friends, 
My mission is going great! The people and climate are great. But the work of the Lord is greater. I am a representative of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I will give these 2 years to serve my Savior with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Missionary work is hard but it is SO SO worth is. I love being here. I know that I was called to serve here for a reason. My companion and trainer is Elder Escobar. He is cool. We are a great team and we work together. On Thursday we had planned to have a lesson with an investigator but she wasn´t there but we still taught a lesson to her aunt and cousin. We gave the lesson of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. There are 5 points to it which are:
1. Faith
2. Repentance
3. Baptism
4. Gift of the Holy Ghost
5. Endure to the End
 While we were giving the lesson, we both felt the spirit so strongly. We acted upon it and asked them if they would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who has authority. They said yes!!! We have another lesson with them next week. It is so exciting. The Spirit guided us. This is the work of the Lord and I am an instrument in His hands. I will do everything I can to work as hard as I can. I know that hard times will come my way but I am putting ALL of my trust in the Lord. With Him anything is possible. Some nights we get home and I think wow how did I do all of that work today. Then as I lay in bed, I feel the Spirit because I know that I had help from the Lord. I pray so much in a day. And each time I pray, I feel closer to my Heavenly Father. The song I think about when I am tired, weak, or struggling is ¨A Child´s Prayer'' It always gives me peace.
The first part of it goes like this, 

¨Heavenly Father, are you really there?And you hear and answer every child´s prayer?Some say that Heaven is far away,But I feel it close around me as I pray..."
These are the words that always give me peace. I love that song. Well that´s it for now.
Elder Chicas

(Below is the song Elder Chicas was talking about, 
One of my FAVORITES from the Children's Songbook Written by Janice Kapp Perry)

Beautiful view from the window. Chiquilaja Quetzaltenango Guatemala 

The inside of the his apartment/house 

 Elder Escobar (from Mexico) and Elder Chicas

 Elder Chicas with a handmade bag from Guatemala.

We love YOU Elder Chicas!

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Dear Family,
I first started my mission in Los Altos, then I was transferred to Las Americas, but now I was transferred this morning to Chiquilaja. I have had 3 areas in 2.5 weeks lol. But it´s okay because I´ll go wherever the Lord needs me. I am still enjoying this mission. I love it. I can´t believe a month has already passed. It doesn't feel like a month. So I´ll give you a list of my companions and areas.
 Elder Elison_Los Altos
 Elder Halling and Ayala_Las Americas
 Elder Escobar_Chiquilaja
I don´t have pictures with Escobar yet. 
We have eaten a bunch of food. I still don´t know the names of them lol. Well my first 2 areas were like in the city. So there were a lot of cars. But now here in Chiquilaja, its like a farming town. I have seen a lot of corn. It is quite different from my other areas. It has a lot more hills that are a lot bigger than my first 2 areas.
I might have to learn Quiche if they move me to Momostenango. And my spanish is going quite well. When I get to call for Christmas, you will see my awesome spanish skills lol. Chirstmas is in about 4 months. I can´t wait!!!
Elder Escobar is from Mexico City. He has served 22 months. He is cool. And I don´t know any investigators because this is a new area. And my new house is BIG. It´s a lot nicer than the last one.I am blessed to be serving with these missionaries. They all know the gospel and they are missionaries too. We are fighting in the same spiritual war together.
Hey Dad Guatemala is great. I still get scared when I get into a bus cause these Guatemalans drive so crazy. Now I know why you drive the way you do. Since I got moved I won´t be able to eat at Pollo Campero but I can order it and they will bring it to me. I have yet to meet a family with the name of Chiddywitz and I still have not eaten iguana. Or at least I don´t think I have. They give me food and I just eat whatever it is. I working hard. I don´have time for Mickey Mouse work.
Mama I am doing fine. I still haven´t been chased by a dog or been sick. The food is great. But yeah I am doing great.It´s a little cold in the morning though. 
Hey Sis. I reread the letter you gave me, the other day when I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. It gave me energy and so I got up and went contacting. Thanks for the support that you give me. I hope you are doing well wherever you go. And yes the people here in Guatemala are pilas. They help out the missionaries so much. This is a wonderful place.
 Alex: What´s up bubba? I hope that you are doing great. Hopefully your fridge is still working. Jajaja in my agenda I have 2 words that are highlighted. Those words are ¨Common Sense¨. I try to have it everyday. Oh and can you send me some Vix cause I kinda need it. It would be great if you sent that. (inside joke..hahhahaaa.)
 Andy: Hey little bro I hope that band is going great. I know that it is hard work but it´ll pay of eventually. Just keep enjoying it. I know I sure did. And tell the trumpet section that I said they better be good. Horn angles!!!!!!!!!!!! Jajaj well keep working hard in all that you do. I know you can do it. 
 Tony: Hey Tony I hope you are doing great little bro. I want a picture of you in that Batman bowtie. I will get a Batman tie when I return jajaj. I have yet to wear my Batman shirt here cause I don´t want to mess it up. The mission is going great. I love it so much. 
 Daniel: Cuñado, como estas? Me gusta mucho mi mision. Es el mejor lugar en todo el mundo. Yo siempre estoy aprendiendo algo nuevo. La gente de Xele Ju son muy amables. Ellos son bien pilas. En nuestras reuniones de distrito siempre dicimos esto:
Nosotros realisamos coasas dificiles,
Nosotros bautizamos,
Nosotros somos una mision de Predicad Mi Evangelio,
Nosotros recibimos el Espiritu Santo.
 Kirstie: Kristie I hope everything is going great at the house and at work. You rock...kinda. Lol I´m just kidding. You are awesome and that is why we are friends. Keep being the cool person you always are. 

Well I hope that this letter lets y'all know that I love each and everyone of you. Y'all are the best people ever. Thanks for all the support I get. I will work as hard as I can to bring people to this everlasting gospel. I want to share my testimony:
 I know that this gospel and this church are true. Thats is why I am serving a mission. I want to share this truth with others. I know that Jesus Christ is my Redeemer and Savior. I know this because I feel and know of the Love He has for me every time I pray and read my scriptures. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. He did more for the salvation of men that anyone else on this earth had ever done except for Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read that section because it is so important. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today. He leads and guides us. He was called of God to be our beloved prophet. I am so thankful to be on this mission. I leave these things in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN.
 Elder Chicas
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission
P.S. This man asked me to cut his hair. I told him I had no idea how to but he said that he didn´t care. He said just shave it. So I said okay.


Friday, August 8, 2014

So cool!

I was just reading other missionaries blogs today who are also serving in the Quetzaltenango mission and I happened upon an Elder Dalton's blog and guess what??! There was a small paragraph that mentioned Elder Chicas! Made my day!! Here it is. Enjoy!:

"We played volleyball this P-day, it was really fun. The sand, was definitely up to par with the sand of the volleyball courts of Utah, this sand was more like gravel, ha-ha. But, we had a good time. In our zone this change we have 2 new elders and 2 new hermanas. Elder Pace from California, who was playing football at BYU.... And Elder Chicas from Texas, his last name is funny because it means girls, ha-ha. And Hermana Gibson from Las Vegas, and Hermana Crystal from West Jordan. I love having the chance to see them get used to the mission. They are all so excited, exhausted, happy, and scared at the same time. It reminds me of the time i came to the mission field. You really have no idea what you´re doing, but you come with spirit, and you live off that spirit, even though you don’t understand anything anybody is telling you, or you may be struggling to stay awake as you walk from house to house. The Spirit, keeps you moving. Even now, having this much time in the mission, I still feel exhausted sometimes, but I have found, If I´m obedient, If I focus myself in the wellbeing of others I always have enough strength to do all that the lord wants me to do. He always provides a way for us to complete his commandments, he always gives us that extra push, or that extra drop of hope. For someone who feels like maybe the calling they have right now, is overwhelming, or if being a mom or dad is overwhelming, Heavenly Father will always provide a way for us to complete these callings. I am happy to see all these new missionaries, they give me strength and set a good example for me by reminding me, that nothing is impossible with a little faith and a smile."

By the way Elder Chicas has been on his mission now for ONE MONTH!! HAha! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Awesome Testimonies and Videos!

Just watched these videos on and loved them. 

Enjoy! :)

(For those of you on your mobile devices. I think they can only be viewed on your desktop computer.)

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family,

My mission is awesome!!!!!!!! I love it here so much. It is so great. There is only one thing that happened this week that I didn´t like. My trainer, Elder Elison's foot wasn´t healing fast enough or correctly so he had to go home to get surgery and rest. He was a great missionary. In the week that I had with him I learned so much. I am now in a trio. I am with Elder Halling and Elder Ayala. Halling is from Utah and Ayala is from Paraguay. They are great companions. I have taught many lessons and it is great. 

We are working on getting an investigator baptized. Her name is Anita. It is exciting!

I love being here. It gets really cold in the mornings and the nights haha. We eat different foods with members. The members are so great in my new area. I am now in Las Americas. It´s only about 10 minutes from my last area. 

Reading the scriptures and praying everyday is so important. It has helped my testimony grow so so so much. I love getting up every morning to do both of those things. I love all of you!!!

Yeah all of my suitcases arrived here. My area is great. There are so many people on the streets that are just waiting to heart the gospel. The people's homes are good. They are nothing like the ones back home. But they are still happy. Yeah the roads and houses are like I expected hahaha. A member does laundry for us. We sometimes eat at the house. Last night I made some good platanos. 

My camera ran out of battery but I promise I´ll send more pictures next week.


Elder Chicas