Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15, 2014 with a Picture!

Here is some of Elder Chicas' email from today :)

''I am doing great. I love you and I miss you. We get up at 630 and then do not go to bed until 1030. My spanish is pretty good. I can always use improvement though LOL. I am super glad to hear from you and hear how everybody is doing. Every time I open my scriptures, the first picture I see is a family picture of us at my graduation. I love seeing all of your faces.

Well today we went to the temple. It is one block away from the CCM. It was absolutely amazing. I felt the Spirit so strongly. I thought about how happy I am to be here in Guatemala serving these people. I do not leave the CCM until next Tuesday which is the 22nd.

Yo estoy bien. Me gusta el CCM. Siempre estoy aprendiendo much. Mis maestros son muy buenos. Mi español todavia puede usar trabajo jaja..

And I do write in my journal.......every night. 

Elder W. Chicas''

Below is a picture of his group at the CCM :) And it does answer at least ONE of our questions...His suitcases must have arrived because he has a different tie on than he one he left with! Hahaahaaa...

And for those of you who like me wanted a close up :) (namely..Mom)

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  1. Te amo mi Elder Chicas!!!!! y te extraño mucho.....