Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I am super happy to be able to be here to be able to write yall. I hope and pray that everything is going great. I am absolutely loving Guatemala and my area of Ixtahuacan. The work is always great! My comp is feeling a lot better than he was last week. And don´t worry mother, I am feeling fantastic. I haven´t been feeling sick lately. So this week there was a HUGE fair/festival in the area. It was celebrating el patron, "the boss" of this area. So there were SO MANY stands and just about a billion people. It was nearly impossible to walk through the park. And we have to pass through there each day. People were pushing and shoving. It was so fun to go through there. I wanted to take a video as I walked through but then I thought that probably wasn´t a great idea. So I just wrote down so many details in my journal jajaj. So as we tried to go and visit people we just found out that they were in the park. Like no one was home this whole week. We walked so much this week. So I had my boots on jajaj. We went up a mountain a few times just to find out that the family we wanted to visit was, of course, at the park jajaj. But it was still fun to hike up and down the mountain. This is one week that I will never forget of my mission. But if for some reason I do forget, I have it all written down in my journal. So in this week of very few lesson, we had a great Sunday. Yesterday we had Stake Conference. The stake center is a little over an hour away from our area. The church rented 2 buses to take us to Huehuetenengo. So it was a great ride. We talked and joked around with the members. Then when we got to the stake center and got out of the buses. There were a lot of people there. We got there about 15 minutes before the meeting started. Next time I think we need to get there about 1.5 hours before the meeting starts because it was full. It was really great to see all the members in the Zaculeu Stake. We had some really great talks. We heard from the Stake President and then from a member of the Seventy. I can´t remember his name though. Ahh! But he gave a really good talk of how we as members can work harder to improve. Even if we are the most pilas members, there is something that we can always improve on. So then after Stake Conference we got back on the bus and came back to Ixtahuacan. Then Elder Winward and I went to the house to drop off some things. Then we went with an awesome member to play a little game with her family. We played a dice game where you try to roll a 1. Then when you roll a 1 you get a pen and start writing 1-150. But if someone else rolls a 1 then they SNATCH the pen from you and start writing 1-150. It is a really fun game. First person to 150 wins the game. So we had a super great time with them. SO yeah that was my week. It was hard to work but it was still a great week. I love and miss yall!

Elder Chicas

And Yeah coming to serve has been the best decision I have ever made.

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