Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Hola Familias Chicas y Perez!Jajajajajajaj ya tengo una semana de ser Tìo Billy! Woo-hoo!!! Pues todo està bien aquì en Momos. Las montañas son chileras u los perros no son un problema. Yo siempre cargo piedras y una onda conmigo pero los perros no hacen nada. Ellos saben que yo ando con onda. Ellos no quieren problemas conmigo jajajaj. Gracias por las fotos de kate. Ella se mire tan tranquila y bonita. En 10 meses yo voy a poder tener ella en mis brazos. Ella es chiquitita jajaj. 

Well I am now switching over to english. Everything is going well. here. A veces I am tired but there is only one thingI can do. That is, "Get untired" jajajaj. There is no time to be tired. There's no time for that because my time as a missionary is flying away. Like yall said, I am already about to complete 15 months. I can't believe it. But that`s how time is. It doesn't wait for anyone. The investigators are doing great also. We had a super great lesson yesterday with an investigator that is progressing. She accepted a fecha for the 17 of October. That is Alex's birthday. I hope she can get baptized that day. The weather here is SUPER HUMID! Jajajaj just like home. Except instead of me being in the AC watching Batman, I am in the heat walking up and down a mountain jajajajajajajajaj. But I still love walking up and down those mountains. 

I didn't take pictures this week because it has been raining...a lot. One day I accidentally put my camera on my desk and didn't put it back into my backpack. I am super glad that I didn't take it with me though. That day I got SUPER SUPER SUPER SOAKED! My scriptures got wet but the cases I have on them protected them. So I was glad that I didn't take the cases off because I was about to do it that same day. If I would've done that then my scriptures would've been destroyed. I now keep 2 bags in my backpack for when it starts to rain. Jajajaj the life of a Guatemalan missionary is hard but it is is SO MUCH FUN! ¡¡¡VIVE GUATEMALA!!!

Elder William Atilio Chicas

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