Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Hi sorry I can't write a lot today. We played soccer as a zone and we finished that and eating at like 3:30. It is 4:20 as I right you this right now. But this was a great week. I love the Guatemalan dream. It is some fun stuff! The person who spoke about mothers was Jeffrey R. Holland. Yeah, that was one of my favorites. It was a super great talk. I love the talks that he gives. They are always so powerful and straight to the point. It was also super cool to see the new 3 apostles be called. I will give yall a scripture next week since I can't think of one right now. And I only have limited time before my flete leaves to go to my area. Jajajaj I don't wanna miss it because then it will be like a 4 hour walk to our area up and down the mountains. My area is super cool! I love it. The members are pilas and we are working super hard. We are working on getting people to progress right now. We have a member that goes on visits with us because I can't speak quiche. Neither can my comp. So they help us out a lot. 

These pictures that show you my area is what I walk up and down everyday. Jajajaj it is a hard terrain but it is so awesome! 

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