Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Well this was a great week. Yes the investigators we have are still planning on getting baptized for the date that we set. I am so glad that they are learning so much. The people here of Guatemala are so humble and kind. We hace 4 people that are getting ready to enter the waters of baptism. Their names are Marina, Wendy, Santiago, an Gabriel. Marina is the mother of Wendy. Santiago and Gabriel are 2 young men who are chill. The first time I met them, I thought they were little troublemakers. Well I was right..jajjaa.. but they are really positive. They are really cool when we pass by. We challenged them to be baptized and they accepted. So that is awesome! This week I have been going through water like the iPhone goes through its battery. So that means fast. We are drinking so much agua. We are gonna have to buy 2 five gallon jugs to last us the week jajajaj. It is quite hot. On Thursday, I completed my year here in the mission. I can't believe how fast the time haas gone by. It is crazy! But I have enjoyed each moment so far. It is great! It is also great to hear that the little boys went to youth conference. Hopefully, they enjoyed it. And yeah last week Andy told me that they were going to scout camp at Clements. I love that scout ranch. It is so much fun. And I hope yall have a lot of fun at Hurricane Harbor. I love it there. But Six Flags is just as great. I love the roller coasters. Well that's all I have for today. I hope that yall have a super great week. I love and miss yall!!!

Elder Chicas


It is your birthday tomorrow! Wow you are getting older. You  aren't old yet but you are getting there. Well I hope you have a super great birthday. Enjoy whatever you do! I wish I could give you a birthday hug but I can't so next year I will owe you 2 birthday hugs. I'll get back just in time next year to give you your birthday hug. I love you sis! Have fun and enjoy it! Let Kate have fun too. Wow in 2 months I am gonna be Uncle Will. Jajajajaj I can't wait to be able to see Kate. She will be 10 months old by the time I get back. I hope she doesn't cry when she sees me. If so, well so be it. I will just have to gain her confidence like I do with the kids here. I'll get here a sucker or candy jajaja. Well sis I will talk to you next week. I love you!

Willio Billio Jumping Jillio

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