Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015


I am doing great! I feel great and I love the mission! Wow it is great to see the little boys work for once jajaj. And yes make them work on their español. It will help them a lot. Who knows, they might even go on a mission to a Spanish speaking area. Jajajaj I will laugh. And mother, I know how it is to be missing yall. I haven't seen yall in over a year. I am always praying for yall! We are woking as hard as we can to have as much exito as we can. We have another baptismal date for the 15 of August so hopefully we can continue helping Erick to meet that date. Have fun in Mexico and know that I love yall! 


Elder Chicas

Hey Sister! Jajajaj yes I am one of those unfortunate people who doesn't have air conditioning. But in about a year I will have it again jajajaj. I can't wait to be El Tio Willy! I am gonna try to be the best uncle ever. I am gonna spoil your daughter sis. I am glad that you and Alex are doing great and hanging out. And wow the dreser looks good now. I didn't realize that it was that old dresser until I read that part. I looked at the picture again and jajajaj it is. And sis she is your kid so name her whatever you want. Whatever name you choose I will support it all the way jajaj. Those pics are awesome! I especially love the Batman and Superman one. I mean, honestly, Batman is the best hero ever. No one can beat him jajaj. Sis I love you. Thanks for the email!

Your Favorite Elder,
Elder Chicas

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