Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today is finally the BIG day.

Elder Chicas did call last night! It was about 11:00 pm when he called. He was at the LAX airport. He said that as he was waited in Dallas he met another missionary going to Guatemala! He did not notice at first but he said as they were waiting for their first flight to leave Elder Chicas was writing in his journal and  a guy came up to him and asked him if he was a missionary? And of course he said yes! From there they went to SLC and met up with more missionaries.  By the time he had arrived in Los Angeles he said he was in a group of about 10 missionaries going to Guatemala. He noted that he was the only one that spoke some spanish! So I think the other missionaries where going to hang around him the remainder of the time! Lol. He sounded soooooo. HAPPY and so EXCITED. It was incredible to hear how sure and ready he sounded. On the ride to the airport yesterday I remember him saying that he knew this was the right thing to do that he had no doubt.  

The following are the updated flight status and the weather in Guatemala City this morning. As I write this he is about to land in Guatemala. Guatemala time is about an hour behind us, so his flight lands about 7:55 this morning. The MTC is only a short drive from the airport but Im sure they will have to wait for any other missionaries to arrive and to collect their baggage. We already guessed at what they would have for breakfast. Maybe some frijolitos con crema, platanos fritos, huevitos, y unas tortillas recien hechas! YUM YUM YUM!! He was so excited about the food! The good thing is that he knows it will be delish considering this is what he grew up knowing.  The weather update says that it will be rainy all week but the temps seem NICE. Guatemala is usually rainy, but the amazing thing is that it rains for a little bit and then the sun is out shining like nothing happened in a matter of seconds (kinda like Texas!! Hahahaaa). 

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