Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 with Pictures!!

 Everything is going great. The first 3 days at the CCM I thought I was going to die lol. They went by so slow. Then I realized that I had to focus on being able to serve the Lord. After that the time went by fast. I am now in Xela and it is great. My companion´s name is Elder Elison. He has a broken leg but can still move around to go and serve. He has been on crutches for 5 weeks and still has 3 more weeks. He doesn´t let that slow him down though. He is a great trainer. I have learned and still am learning a lot from him. These past 3 weeks have flown by pretty quickly for me. There is a saying that I was told in the CCM and it is so true. I wrote it down and it is now what I live by.

¨Nunca se ha perdido un misionero por trabajar duro!
 Pero se han perdido muchos por no trabajar lo suficiente!¨

Translation: "A missionary has never been lost from working too hard! But many have been lost for not working hard enough!"

That is so true. I will work as hard as I can to fulfill the work that I have been sent here to do. These past few days my testimony has grown so much.  On Saturday we had a baptism. Two brothers were baptized. They are really nice people. Their names are Oscar and Rodolfo Alonzo. It was great to see them get baptized. My companion and I were the witnesses. It was great to see them take this step and being baptized. They then received the priesthood on Sunday. 

I wake up at 630 and then get ready for the day. At 8 I have personal study where I read my scriptures. And then at 9 I have companionship study. Then we go proselyting an contacting. The food is really great. The members here are so kind. They want to feed you EVERYTIME you go to their house. The other day I ate 3 times in 2 hours. I thought I was about to blow up lol. My first Sunday went great. One of the counselors came down from the stand to ask me to to share my testimony. So I did that and I did really well. 

My P'day is every Monday from 10 to 6 but I only get one hour to write family. My companion is Elder Elison. My area is Los Altos. 

Here are some more pictures. I promise that I will have a lot more next time. I have to go. Bye.


Elder Chicas

His first official REAL missionary name tag!

 His bed made as usual. You can see his little cowboy pillow that Sister Thomas made for him :)

The home where he lives. 

His washing machine..hahhahaaa...Mom taught him how to wash by hand just in case
Im sure he is happy he learned!

 The smile we all love to see!

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