Friday, August 8, 2014

So cool!

I was just reading other missionaries blogs today who are also serving in the Quetzaltenango mission and I happened upon an Elder Dalton's blog and guess what??! There was a small paragraph that mentioned Elder Chicas! Made my day!! Here it is. Enjoy!:

"We played volleyball this P-day, it was really fun. The sand, was definitely up to par with the sand of the volleyball courts of Utah, this sand was more like gravel, ha-ha. But, we had a good time. In our zone this change we have 2 new elders and 2 new hermanas. Elder Pace from California, who was playing football at BYU.... And Elder Chicas from Texas, his last name is funny because it means girls, ha-ha. And Hermana Gibson from Las Vegas, and Hermana Crystal from West Jordan. I love having the chance to see them get used to the mission. They are all so excited, exhausted, happy, and scared at the same time. It reminds me of the time i came to the mission field. You really have no idea what you´re doing, but you come with spirit, and you live off that spirit, even though you don’t understand anything anybody is telling you, or you may be struggling to stay awake as you walk from house to house. The Spirit, keeps you moving. Even now, having this much time in the mission, I still feel exhausted sometimes, but I have found, If I´m obedient, If I focus myself in the wellbeing of others I always have enough strength to do all that the lord wants me to do. He always provides a way for us to complete his commandments, he always gives us that extra push, or that extra drop of hope. For someone who feels like maybe the calling they have right now, is overwhelming, or if being a mom or dad is overwhelming, Heavenly Father will always provide a way for us to complete these callings. I am happy to see all these new missionaries, they give me strength and set a good example for me by reminding me, that nothing is impossible with a little faith and a smile."

By the way Elder Chicas has been on his mission now for ONE MONTH!! HAha! :)

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