Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family,

My mission is awesome!!!!!!!! I love it here so much. It is so great. There is only one thing that happened this week that I didn´t like. My trainer, Elder Elison's foot wasn´t healing fast enough or correctly so he had to go home to get surgery and rest. He was a great missionary. In the week that I had with him I learned so much. I am now in a trio. I am with Elder Halling and Elder Ayala. Halling is from Utah and Ayala is from Paraguay. They are great companions. I have taught many lessons and it is great. 

We are working on getting an investigator baptized. Her name is Anita. It is exciting!

I love being here. It gets really cold in the mornings and the nights haha. We eat different foods with members. The members are so great in my new area. I am now in Las Americas. It´s only about 10 minutes from my last area. 

Reading the scriptures and praying everyday is so important. It has helped my testimony grow so so so much. I love getting up every morning to do both of those things. I love all of you!!!

Yeah all of my suitcases arrived here. My area is great. There are so many people on the streets that are just waiting to heart the gospel. The people's homes are good. They are nothing like the ones back home. But they are still happy. Yeah the roads and houses are like I expected hahaha. A member does laundry for us. We sometimes eat at the house. Last night I made some good platanos. 

My camera ran out of battery but I promise I´ll send more pictures next week.


Elder Chicas

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