Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
 Well this was a hard week for me. I have been weak since getting out of the hospital. So this week was mainly a rest week for me. I tried to go work but the president and doctors told me to rest. Even when I tried to work, my body told me that I couldn´t. It wasn´t until Thusday that we started working. I feel great now!
Oh and I am in a trio with the other elder in my area. But I have only been with them since Tuesday and tomorrow will be my last day with them. And the reason for that is because I will have my companion tomorrow. Oh and he is gonna be a brand new elder. SO I AM TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Jajajaj I just finished my training but I will start training a new elder tomorrow. I was so happy. I got a call Wednesday around 10:30 p.m. from the assistants to receive the news. So on Thursday we contacted like crazy trying to find new investigators. We found 3 families. We have citas with them later this week. On Friday, I had the trainers meeting. That was from 9:30-12. It was a great meeting because I was taught how to help the new elder that I will be training. President Smith, really does receive revelation when he gives talks. You can just feel the Spirit so strongly when he speaks. 
On Saturday, we went to see someone who is getting baptized at the end of this month. His name is Wosvely. He is bien pilas. After that we went to a members house. Well the father was sick and so then me and my comps had the opportunity to give him a blessing. I am the only latino in the trio because the others are gringos. So my spanish is the best jajajaa. I was nervous because this was gonna be my first blessing for the sick.  I took a breath before I gave the blessing and just trusted that the Holy Ghost would put the words in my mouth that were needed to be said. 
On Sunday we had the confirmation of Yoselin. She is soooooo pilas! As I taught her, I was learning myself how to teach a little better. So this was my little week. I am sorry that I have no pictures this week because my camera is at home. I love this work. I am so happy to be able to help with spreading this great gospel. I love and miss yall.
I still a haven´t gotten your letters you guys sent. I have been waiting for like 5 weeks. I want them sooooooo bad. Every time I go to a meeting with the zone, I ask if my letters have arrived and nothing yet. I can´t wait to get them.
Mama thanks for those packages. I can´t wait to get them.  I am glad to hear that President Smith said that about me. I will always work hard.  And I LOVE YOU TOO!
I always pray for yall. Well I will talk to yall next week. I hope and pray for the best for you.
Elder Chicas

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