Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Thank you so much for the pictures. I always love seeing yall. I am doing well. And to answer your many questions. Yes I did go to the doctor´s but when I walked in his secretary was like "hi how can I help you?" Then I was like, ¨Si tengo una cita Dr. De Leon a las 11.¨ And then she tells me that the doctor wasn't going to be in today. She said she called all of his pacients to cancel the appointments that day. Well she didn´t call the nurses to tell me. So since he wasn´t there, no I didn´t get a check up. 

I am really glad that Elkhart is excelling in sports. I am proud to be the older brother of 2 little athletes. It´s great. Well I am glad that everything is going well. I love yall.

Well the mission is great and awesome as usual. This week went really well. On Monday, we didn't set up a FHE with a family so we just stayed at the house and studied. That was good because it is always helpful to read and learn from the scriptures. On Tuesday I had divisions with my zone leader. I was really pumped because I had some great citas planned. But they all fell through!!! I was like wow this is not good. There is a family that we always visit that has never cancelled on us. But when we get to the house, they pulled out the good words, ¨Fijese que¨. So yeah but during that time we just visited other families to help them and strengthen their faith. SO it ended up being a pretty good day. On Wednesday, we went to a less active´s house. Her name is Sister Martha. We visited her everyday from Wednesday. She went to church on Sunday. Oh it was so great to see her there. On Thursday, we went with a family who was just baptized but are having some economical problems. But we are trying to get them back to church. On Friday was when I had my cita with the doctor but then it got cancelled jajajaj. But it´s okay because during that time we went contacting. We got rejected a lot but there were a few who were acceptive. So now we have some new investigators. On Satuday we went again with the family with economical problems to try to get the, to come to church the next day. They said yes so we were happy. On Sunday, we went to church and then after we walked to lunch which is about 25-20 minutes walk away from the church. Later we went with öur mother¨ of he mission. Her name is Sister Gabby and she absoulutely loves the missionaries. She was mad at me though because I hadn´t visited her in about a week and a half. But she ended up forgiving me. So yeah that was my week. It was pretty great. I love and pray for yall daily. 

With much love,
Elder Chicas

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