Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014


Ojala que todo este bien con usted y la familia. Yo tengo buenas noticias. YO RECIBÍ MI CAJA HOY!!! A la gran puchica, esa caja es GRANDE! Y si pesa mucho. Pero como yo soy fuerte, la lleve a la casa sin problemas jajaj. Y mamá, en 10 días voy a poder hablar con ustedes. Yo estoy muy listo para ese día. Me gusta todo que me mandaron. Estoy muy feliz. Gracias por todo. Les amo bastante. Ustedes son la mejor familia. Yo le doy gracias a mi Padre Celestial cada día porque Él me dio ustedes como mi familia. Pues ojala que tengan una buena semana. Les amo y les extraño mucho. Pero solo 10 días mas para poder hablar con ustedes. Pues les voy a contar mi semana pero ahora voy a hablar en ingles para todos que no pueden hablar español jajaj. 

Well Monday was a great day. It was P-Day!!! Mondays are always great days. At home I used to hate Mondays but on the mission you love Mondays because that is when you get to write the family! On Tuesday, I completed 5 months so Hermana Mirna invited us over at 8 a.m. to make us pancakes. And those pancakes we really great. She made so much. I ate like 6 and I was SOOOOO full. But she continued making them. I thought I was gonna die but then her kids finally woke up. So they came out and started devouring pancake after pancake. I was glad they came out. I just couldn´t handle one more pancake jajaj. After that we had the district meeting. So we talked over a few of the commandments. And then as usual, we did role plays. The leaders now wanna do role plays after each meeting for an hour. But they will help even if no one in the district likes them. Jajajaj the struggle is real. After the meeting we went to the store so I could buy some shoe polish. My shoes gets so dirty after each day. Sometimes I think that there isn´t any point of polishing my shoes because they get dirty as soon as we get outside. But I polish them each morning. I just try really really hard to not get them dirty. But since the rainy season is done here, there is just so much dust. So I just cover my face with my tie so that it doesn´t make me sneeze. After the dispense we went to eat lunch. Then we went to Lorenzo and Maria. We taught them about the priesthood because Lorenzo had questions. So we had a great and powerful lesson with them. Then we went with Hermana Martha. With her we taught about keeping the sabbath day holy. She really liked the lesson. And then she wanted to watch the "He is the Gift" video. She just absolutely loves that video. On Wednesday, we went with Jose and Yoselin. We taught about faith and how they can fortify it. We had a great lesson with them. Then we we to lunch with Hermana Celia. After that we went to visit Hermana Tellme. She is an active member. We just went to visit her to see if there was anything she needed help with and then we asked for a reference. Well she gave us one. It is a lady that lives down the street from here. She pointed out the house and we went to contact them. Well when we got near the house a dog came out and almost bit me. But I took my bagpack off right before it got to me. Jajajaj it just happened so fast. We were just walking up to the house and then all of a sudden a dog comes out from under the truck and just charges at us. I thought for sure that I was gonna get bitten that day. But nah. The lady came out and told the dog to go away. It was her dog so he listens to her. So we went in and taught her about the reason for the season. We shared the "he is the Gift" video with her and her family. They liked it a lot. And they wanna learn more about the church so we have another cita to go visit them. Then we went to the familia Velasco´s house to see how they were doing and then to also ask for a reference. They didn´t have any but it was okay. Then we went to dinner with Hermana Mirna and then our day ended. On Thursday, We had weekly planning and put some really high goals. But I am sure that we will reach those goals. It´ll be hard but we got this jajajaj. Then we went to lunch with Hermana Mimi. When we got there they were a little sad because the dog that they´ve had for like 7 years died on Tuesday. His name was Frijole. He was a huge dog. But we got there and started to try cheering the kids up. We played with trompos (tops). They were having fun and enjoyed the time we had. They felt a little better. Hermana Mimi has 3 kids. They are Luis, Kique, and Jorge. They are 10,7, and 3. They are a really nice and fun family. After that we went with a less active. His name is Antonio Atzul. We watched the Gift video with him. He started to think and then started to cry. Jesus really was a gift from our loving Heavenly Father. We are blessed. It was a very spiritual cita. We are gonna visit him again to see if he will agree to come to church. Then we did A LOT of contacting. We contacted a lot of people. We had a lot of "No thank you" and "Fijese que" but we continued. We found a few new people. We set some citas with them for this week. So we are hopeful they go well. On Friday, we took our clothes to familia Ochoa because they are the ones who wash our clothes. They are some cool people. They always wash our clothes really well and always have it ready when they say they will have it. Then we went back to the house to study a little bit because our lunch all of a sudden got moved back until 2. So we studied then went to lunch with Hermana Marlini. Then we went with Hermana Martha because she had a reference for us. She told us about the reference and then we went to contact them. When we got to their house, they were in the car about to leave but they said we could go back on Tuesday. So tomorrow we will see if we can start teaching them. Then we went to see Hermana Norma to help her move her washer machine. Then we went to dinner with familia Quijivix (Key-He-Veesh). On Saturday, we went to do some service for familia Ochoa. We helped him clean his huge yard. There was all kind of stuff in that yard. It was stuff like bones, soccer balls, tires, and just a bunch of other junk. I was tired after cleaning because it was super hot and there were a lot of bags that we had to carry down the street. Then we went to lunch with familia Velasco. Then we went to do some contacting. We found a few people that want to know more about what we do as missionaries. Then we went with Hermana Ingrid to visit her and her family. She has a son that is getting ready to serve a mission. He is excited and can´t wait to get going. Then we went to the house to eat dinner because our Saturday dinner cancelled. On Sunday, we went to church and heard some great talks. They were about the Christmas season and what we can do to remember the real reason for the season. Well that was my week. I love yall and miss yall.

Elder Chicas

P.S. I finally received my first box! I can't believe that there is another one coming! Es una caja muy grande! I didn´t open the wrapped gift yet. But I will on Christmas and I LOVED the Dr. Peppers. 

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