Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Dear Family,

I am super happy that in 3 days I will be able to talk to yall. It is gonna be awesome! I miss yall and love yall so much. So today I received the other box. I had no time to open it because I just dropped it off at the house and came here to be able to write yall. But I promise that I will give a full report on it next week. I am quite excited to open it. I am positive that I will love whatever yall sent me. Well I am super glad to hear that Alex graduated this last Thursday. Congrats bro! And yes mother the internet cafè is gonna be opened. We already talked to the owner. She loves the missionaries. She even dropped the price down for us. She is an awesome person! And thanks for the Skype info mother. Okay well now let me tell yall about my week. On Moday we our P-Day and we just threw the frisbee. Jajajaj throwing the frisbee is fun. I accidently hit another Elder today cause the wind picked up and took the frisbee right into the back of the head of another elder. Jajajaj he wasn`t mad. On Tuesday, I woke up just miserable. I had a fever and my stomach was killing me. Oh that was the worst day of my mission. I stayed in bed ALL day and couldn`t do anything. Oh I didn`t like it at all jajaj. So Tuesday wasn`t too much of a great day. Wednesday was an AWESOME day!!! Elder Duncan came to our mission and gave us some tips on how to better the work. We were there for 7 hours. And the time, I was writing down something that he was saying. Before he came other elders who have a long time on the mission started saying that with Elder Duncan we were gonna do A LOT of role plays. So I was kinda nervous because they said that almost all the missionaries would get up in front of everyone to do role plays. But he never did them. So I was glad. I learned a lot in the time that I was there. I was still a little sick when I went to this Multi-Zone conference but I felt a lot better after it. Then we went to have a family home evening with a less active. Her name is Hermana Mercy. So that was a great lesson. On Thursday I felt my first earthquake. I have been here and apparently there have been a lot but I never felt any. But now I can say that I have. Oh it was pretty awesome! It wasn`t a big earthquake but it was felt. I was so happy jajaj. Well after that we went with Hermana Martha. We chilled with her for a bit and had a great time. We started talking to her children, who aren`t members, about the church. They seem interested so we are gonna start teaching them. I hope all go well with them. Then we went to see familia Hernandez. When we got there, Hermano Hernandez was working. So we decided to help him. He was shoveling rocks from his truck in some big buckets. So then we carried that from his truck all the way to his house that was a little distance away. Jajajaj I carried like 13 buckets. They were so heavy and it was really hot outside. So I was tired after that. Then we went to Hermana Mimi`s for lunch. When we got to her house, no one was there. So we called and found out that she was gonna give us lunch at her mother`s house. So we walked for like 10 minutes to get to the other house. We got there and had a great lunch. After that we went to visit thye Velasco`s. On Friday we had the ward Christmas party. Well it was planned to start at 7 but it didn`t get started until 8:30 since we are using "la hora chapina" jajaj. So we stayed for a little while then we had to leave to be able to be back at the house by 9:30. That was quite a cold night jajaja. But my jacket helped me out a lot. Oh I was so glad to receieve it. On Saturday we contacted like animals. We found a lot of news and hope to be able to teach them. It was a very successful day. On Sunday we went to church and heard more talks over Christmas. They were pretty great. Then a member brought a friend and we set a cita to go meet with them and try to teach them about the church. Yup, so that was my week. I love and miss yall!!!

Elder Chicas


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