Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

Dear Family,
I hope everything is going well. I did not write yesterday because there power was completely out in all of my area and when it finally came back, the internet signal took forever to come back. So I am writing you today. I am super glad to know that yall received my package. I hope yall liked it. And yup today I have completed 5 months. The time really has flown by. It felt as if yesterday yall abandoned me at the airport jajaj. But these 5 months of the mission have been aweome! I have learned so much. My leaders help me a lot. The people of Guatemala are great. I absolutely love it here. And I have been meaning to tell yall that Christmas started here on November 15. They started Christmas that early. But I am cool with it because I love the Christmas season too. It is just a great and happy season. It is a time where we came remember our Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is the time when we came remember everything he did for us. And yes I have seen the video, "He is the Gift". It is a great video. Truly he is a gift.
          "For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."     - John 3:16
Our Heavenly Father loved us so much that He gave His only begotten son. God and Jesus truly love us all. The Christmas season is just the holiday ever. A whole holiday dedicated to our Savior.
Well my week went well here in the great country of Guatemala. My comp and I had a great week. We worked a lot and found a few new investigators. On Monday, we had a normal P-Day. We had the great opportunity to go to Walmart. We can only go to Walmart once a mont: So we take advantage of it. I bought a bunch of stuff that I needed. The best stuff that I bought was Mac & Cheese. I made the mistake of only buying 2 though. Next time I will know to buy a lot more jajaj. It was some good stuff. So after Walmart we went to write. On Tuesday, we went with Hermana Mimi to share that video of "He is the Gift". It was great. We testified of Christ. We gave her some cards that go along with the video. We told her that she could give those cards to her friends. So we have a goal of 10 cards to give out each day. The video and the cards a great way to contact. They help a lot. Then we went with Hermana Martha and shared the video too. She is a less active but she absolutely loved the video. So we helped her remember the true reason for the Christmas season. It was a great day.  On Wednesday, we started packing up all of our stuff cause we changed houses. The leaders wanted changes of houses immediately cause the house we were living at didn`t meet all of their expectations. So we spent all day doing that. Then on Wednesday, starting at 6 a.m., we started moving. Oh I was super tired after that. But we had citas to go to. So we went to them. We went with Jose and Yoselin. We invited them to church and had a great lesson about keeping the sabbath day holy. They committed to going to church. Then we went with la familia Mazariegos. They make some great and awesome corte. So i bought some of it. Then we taught a little lesson about the sacrament. We taught that it was the way the we could renew the covenants we made with God when we were baptized. So that went well. Then we went with Lorenzo and Maria. We taught them about the temple. They are ready to go into the temple. They are a very pilas couple. They will complete a year in the church when I complete a year in the mission. I know that they will be ready when the time comes. On Friday, we gave service to a member. We washes an infaltable bed that he had. It was quite big. It was cold while we were cleaning so we tried not wash it without getting wet jajaj. And since it is getting quite cold, I am desperate for my other jacket that I hope will get here this week. After service we went to do some contacting with the video and the cards. It went pretty well. We found 5 families that wanna learn a little more about the church. So we will follow up with them another day. On Saturday, we went to clean the church with a member that needed help. It went well. We cleaned a lot. This is the second week that we cleaned the church jajaj. But it`s okay because it`s our church too and we need to take care of it too. Then we went to Hermana Mercedes to share the video and cards. She thought it was a great video. She is a less active and wanted to know where she could find more videos like that. we told her that she could go to the church website and find a bunch of videos. She said she would. Then we went with the bishop to celebrate his birthday and my comp`s. The bishop`s wife made a chocolate cake that was really good. On Sunday, we went to church. The youth who went to EFY got up to share their experiences. It was really great to here the experiences they had. EFY was about Missionary Work. So it was great when some of the youth came up to us and started asking us about mission life. It was fun to talk to them about what we do. So that was my week. And I hope yall loved the package I sent yesterday. I love and miss yall!!!
Elder Chicas,
Chero Squeaky
Willio Billio Jumping Jillio

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