Monday, December 1, 2014

December 4, 2014 (21 Days until Christmas Phone Call!!)

Thank you for always sending me weekly emails. I love opening my email to read what exciting things happened that week. And yeah I am about to complete 5 months in 8 days. Wow the time has flown. It is crazy jajaj. And nope, none of the boxes have arrived yet. But I am praying that they make it here. So I think one should arrive next Friday. I am quite excited to receive it. I will definitely tell you what I think. I am sure that I will love it. I hope everything is going great for yall. Well now I will tell you about my week and then send some pictures. Well Monday was P-Day as usual. We did´t do anything as a zone.  We ate with a member. It was great. We ate chow-mein and rice. That was some great stuff. On Tuesday, we went with Jose and Yoselin to see how they were doing. They are doing great. Then we went to lunch with la familia Sac. They gave us nachos without jalapeños. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I needed jalapeños with those nachos. But it was good anyways. After that we went with Lorenzo and Maria. We taught them about faith and the importance of it. Well there is a scripture in Moroni 7:33. It is an awesome scripture. Yall should look it up. It is a quite powerful scripture. 
"And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."
Then we went with la familia Menchu. We are gonna challenge Sergio and Luisa to baptism this week. I hope and pray that it goes well. Then we went with Martha and we watched a Christmas video since  Christmas here started November 15. So we are showed that video and it was just really great. She liked the video a lot. Then we went to dinner with Hermano Maximo. We ate soup with A LOT of tamales. Jajajaj but it was some good food. On Wednesday, we had our zone meeting. To everyones surprise, the assistants to the president were there. Well that was pretty awesome. We did a lot of role plays. And of course I go with one of the assistants. But I feel I did really well. I learned so much from it. After the meeting, we went to lunch with la hermana Celia. We ate chicken and some mixed vegetables. Then we asked for a reference from her and her family. They couldn´t think of one at the time. But it was okay because we went contacting for a little while and found 2 new investigators. Then we went with la familia King. That is where she gave us some morcaf with a cookie. I like cookies jajajaj. We stayed with la familia King for a while. We then asked for a reference. They gave us one. So we are going to contact that family this week. I always get excited when we get a reference. It´s great when the members help us. Oh and la familia King are workers in the temple. They go everyday from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. And they just come home tired. They are some pretty pilas people. Then we went to the house to order dinner because our normal dinner with a member cancelled because she went out of town for an emergency. On Thursday, Thanksgiving, my comp and I had a meeting with him because it was 6 weeks since my comp got here. So it was a meeting to see how his training is going. It was an awesome meeting. The whole time, I was just writing everything he was saying. I just learn so much from President Smith. He is a great president and a great friend. When I went to the hospital in October, he was helping me and talking to me for about an hour. This was at midnight. The meeting was 5 hours. I thought I was gonna die because I was so hungry. But then they come out with turkey and other Thanksgiving foods. It was a great way to end a meeting
Oh and read 3 Nephi 27. 
(you can click on the link below)
There is a lot of great information there. I have used that chapter to help people understand more about the reason Jesus Christ was baptized and the importance of baptism for us. 
Then we got back to our area and worked for a little bit. Then we went with the other elders, who are also from America, to celebrate with them.It was just an awesome day. On Friday, we went with Sister Telme (Tell-Me) to teach a little lesson to. We then went to lunch with the bishop´s wife. Her name is Marlini. She is cool. We ate chicken, potatoes, and vegetables. She then invited us to her house Friday night because that is her husband´s birthday. So we are gonna go with her to eat cake. I like cake! I like cake like a lot jajaj! Then we went with Sister Martha to invite her to church. She said she would come. So it is good to work with the less actives to help them remember the covenants they made with Heavenly Father. We have been working A LOT with less actives lately. They are great people who just got a little lost. But we have had a lot of success with bringing them back. We then went to dinner with Sister Yolly where we ate sandwiches that were really great. They were ham and cheese. Oh yeah, cheese is amazing jajaj. On Saturday, I was feeling a little sick so we didn´t do much. We had weekly planning because we didn´t have time the other days. Then we did a little bit of contacting. But after that I just couldn´t do it anymore. We went home where I just crashed. Then later in the day we went with a member to ask for a reference. We got one and we are gonna contact them on Tuesday. On Sunday, we went to church. I started feeling so much better there. There were some great talks. They talked about temples, obedience, and enduring until the end. I learned a lot in the meeting. After church we went to lunch with la familia Mejia. We ate some kinda meat. I don't know what it was jajaj but it was pretty good. Then we went with sister Mercedes because she needed us to give a blessing to her friend. So when we got there, we explained the importance of the blessing and the faith needed to get help from it. It was a great time. We got 6 new investigators from that. I gave the blessing. I was nervous at first but then I just did it. The spirit was strong and definitely helping me. So that was my week. I love yall and miss yall.
Elder Chicas

PS. Yeah mom we need to pray that the boxes get here. And yeah president Smith is a boss! And I am learning as much as I can from him and the other missionaries. Thanks for the advice mama. I love you!
And I am taking care of myself now. I love you mother so so so much!

I have had this since I began the mission. They gave it to me in the CCM. 

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