Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
 Well this was a good week even though my comp has parasites jajajaj. I feel sorry for him but that is the way it is. But when he could, we would go to work. We went to go visit members and do an activity with them to get new references. So that was great because the members love getting active in the missionary work. Jajajaj my birthday was great! We went with a member and his wife who is not a member and we bought pizza. The member's family was also there. So there were 6 people in the house. Each person got there own box of pizza. And each person ate the whole pizza alone. Let's just say that after that I could barely walk. I was so full! It was really good pizza though. It was from Dominoes. Then we had another member invite us to their house so we could eat cake. Well they sang happy birthday and then they brought out the cake. Let's just say that I made the mistake of trying to take a bite of cake. Let's just say they pushed my face in the cake. My face was covered jajajaj. But I enjoyed it quite alot! We found 11 new investigators too. It was really cool cause the whole week we weren't having luck finding anyone until Saturday came. We found all of the good news on Saturday. They are really cool families too. So we are gonna work with them. 
Elder Chicas

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