Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Thank you all for emailing me. I know that I have been slacking with the pictures but now I have a few jajajaj. It is just really hard. Sometimes I am walking and forget that I have a camera. So I just don´t take a lot. But this week I wrote it on my hand. So I hope you like the pictures. But first let me tell you about my week. Well on Monday, we went to a family home evening with la familia Hernandez. And since my kid (the Elder I am training )is new, they made him give the lesson jajaja. The topic was tithing. It was actually pretty good. Jajajaj and then I made pancakes and we talked and laughed. On Tuesday, We had interviews with the president. That was really cool. President Smith is full of the spirit. At one moment I almost cried because the spirit was so strong. Later that day we went with a less active family, la familia Lutin. We have been working on reactivating them. They are a really cool family. On Wednesday, we had our district meeting. There we learned about the importance of the Book of Mormon. It plays a huge role in the coversion of an investigator. It was a cool lesson. Later we went with la familia Menchu to help fortify their faith and then try to set a fecha with the parents who are not yet baptized. On Thursday, we had consejo de barrio at 7 but no one was there until 7:45. And we had a cita at 8. So we just gave our informe de progreso with the bishop and we left. Jajajaj the hora chapin is a killer (Guatemala Time). But I am getting used to it. I might it start using that. So when I am about to go home, I´ll tell yall that I´ll be there at 6:30 but won´t arrive until 8 jajajajajaj.. Well I´m gonna think about it. But that cita fell so we contacted for a little and found a new investigator. Her name is Felipa. She is very positive. On Friday, we had a cita with la familia Lutin at 12:30. We didn´t leave until 3. So we missed lunch but it´s okay because it was worth working with them. On Saturday, I ate fiambre. Oh my goodness the plate was huge. It was so much food. I couldn´t even finish it. But it was good stuff. After that we went with another less active. Her name is Hermana Martha. She is a super cool lady. She loves when the missionaries come visit her. She has already assisted 2 Sundays. Then on Sunday we ate fiambre again. Oh it´s good but I can´t eat a lot of it. Then we went with some members to visit them. The mom is like our mother in the mission. Her name is Sister Gabby. She is super cool. We ate pupusas. Oh I missed pupusas so much but she gave us some yesterday. Oh I was so happy. Well that was my week. I love yall.


Elder Chicas

 Oh and show my dad this picture. This is Blacky, the dog who tries to bite us all the time jajaja. But that chain isn´t that thick. I believe he could break it easily.

Jajajajajajajajajajajajajaj this dog is not innocent. I wasn´t even close to take that picture. I was far away but I zoomed in to get it. That dog is vicious jajajaj. I will get a video next time and send it next week if he´s outside.


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