Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 (Pilas Translation: "Gets moving quickly, Runs off Batteries, Speedy") Also jajaja = Hahahaha :)

Well I will answer your question first. I take showers just like I did over there. We don´t have a water heater but we have something else. I don´t know what it is called but yes I get hot water. Before I came yall made me think that here it was going to be so different. Nah they have electricity too jajaj. I was like oh no I am gonna suffer without the AC but the AC here is natural jajaj. I love it. 

Thank you for sending the box. I am so so so excited to receive it. I can´t wait!!! Thank you for the pictures. I really love seeing yall. Okay well with that being said let me tell yall how my week was. 

Well on Monday as yall already know I went to the doctor and he says that everything is good.  On Tuesday, we went with a less active whose name is Martha Vasquez. She is so cool. We love going to visit her. She is very positive and she loves when we visit her. She has a huge family and says that in the year that she´s been a member, me and my comp are the only ones who know her family. Not all of them are members though so we are working with them too. We have gained so much confidence with her and her family. They are a unique family. On Wednesday, we had our zone meeting. That was the best meeting I have ever been in. We had the opportunity to hear from a man who was mission president in 2 missions and who is now the sealer in the temple. He spoke for about 25 minutes. In those 25 minutes I could feel the spirit so strongly. It was just absolutely amazing. I got a lot of scriptures that I like from that meeting. One of the ones that I liked a lot was Moroni 7:33. 

"And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."

Faith is power! That scripture is little but is so powerful. I love it. 

Later that day we went with another less active family who have  children that are at the age of baptism. This is the familia Lutin. We went with a member to go visit this family. Oh it was so great. We got them to commit to come to church on Sunday. They are a very pilas family. On Thursday we went with our mom of the mission, Sister Gabby Garcia. She is just awesome! She has helped us a lot in the work. For example when we have baptisms, she provides all of the food. She is a very pilas woman. On Friday, I had divisions and I went to an area that is about 40 minutes away from my area. Well we took a bus that was absolutely full. But people just kept getting on. That is how the buses are here. So I was standing in a bus full of people shoving and screaming. Oh it was great jajajaj. But after all of that we finally got to the area, which is called Cantel. We went to the house to drop my stuff off and then got straight to work. Oh it was a busy day. We contacted, visited less actives, and did service. Well after all of this we were walking home thinking okay we are done for the day. But Nah, we were not. We were walking up the huge hill to get to the house and we see a car that is having problems and can´t make it up the hill. Well me and the Elder I was on divisions with got behind the car and pushed it up that hill. Oh it was so hard but it was worth it because after we contacted the dude and he accepted a cita (appointment). I didn´t sweat at all that day because it was cold. But I was sweating after pushing that car up. Well on Saturday we finished divisions and I came back to Chiquilaja (Chicky-Lah_Ha). Well that day was a day dedicated to contacting. We found a few people who accepted some other citas. Hopefully they will progress. On Sunday we went to church and the bishop wanted to talk to the 4 missionaries. So we went and talked to him about what we were doing. He said "okay sounds like yall know what you´re doing."  So the work is going great and I feel great being a instrument in the hands of God. I love these people and I love this work. I only have these 2 years to be completely dedicated to missionary work day and night. I want to make them good. Well that was my week. I love yall!
P.S. Mama, I love it here. I might move here jajajaj. 

In this photo I was cleaning the bike with my tie but nah I don´t want one. I like MY blue mega cab dodge, turbo diesel jajajaja. And if you take MY mega cab and give me that guatemalan truck, then I will have to move here....Elder Chicas

An Extra Letter en Español :)

Hola Sis,
Le extraño también. Pero ya se fue el tiempo muy rápido. Ayer cumplí 4 meses. Jajajaj pero ya estoy hablando como un chapín. A la gran puchia, siempre hay una lucha. Pero esta bien. Le quiero muchísimo sis. Ahhh estoy listo para hablar les. Gracias sis por todo. Usted si es una bendición en mi vida. Usted es la mejor hermana. Me enseño mucho. Usted me ayudó bastante. Le amo hermanita. Aquí también son las 3:12. Yo pensé que era una hora de diferencia. Jajajaj saber. Pero si ahora yo soy chapín vos. 

Su Hermano,
Elder Chicas    

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