Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I am doing really great here in the great country of Guatemala. I am learning a lot here. It is awesome! And I am glad to know that yall are spending time with the missionaries. They really do appreciate it. My comp and I are really happy when a family invites us to eat or to a famly home evening. And yeah the mission is not easy but it is so worth it. Yes, sometimes we get doors slammed in our face or someone lets there dog chase us. But it just adds to the experience. So yeah that´s fun. So this week wasn´t too busy. On Monday we just cleaned the house. And then we went to write our family and friends. So that was my P-Day last week. On Tuesday we went to the aldeas. And as usual it was hot! But it´s okay cause we are still alive. We went to visit members that live out there. Then we went with Arturo to help fortify his faith. But then my comp started feeling really sick. So he checked his temperature and he was at 100. So we stopped for the day and let him rest. Wednesday came and I told him to check his temperature again. Well it wasn´t better. He was now at 101. So I did nothing all of that day. I studied, wrote letters, watched a Jeffrey R. Holland MTC Devotional, and that´s about it. So I was sure that he would be better on Thursday but nah. So I was in the house from Tuesday until Friday. I much rather would´ve been outside walking, sweating, and running from dogs jajajaj. But then on Friday we went to Zaculeu because we had a multi-zone conference. We got on the bus at 6:23. We almost missed it. We had to run from our house to the park which isn´t too far. But I woke up like 15 minutes before so I wasn´t ready to run yet. But we caught it so that was good. We had the conference and President Smith talked to us about the importance of the lesson of the Restoration, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was a really great conference. I learned a lot. I took a lot of notes from it. And then we got to watch Meet the Mormons. It was super cool! I liked it a lot. On Saturday and Sunday we went to all of our investigators to see how they were doing. We have 2 families that progressing. They are the Aguilar family and the Ordoñnez family. They are really cool families. We have gained much confidence with them. In the Aguilar family are Jeramias and his wife. When we go with them, they always ask super great questions. We answer the questions in the best way we can to help them understand. When we go with the Ordonez family they always welcome us in. they are super nice and they love when we come and visit them. That family consists of José, Katarin, Luis, Melissa, and Mayveli. They are cool families. Sunday we also had church. I taught the gospel principles class. And this weeks lesson was on the Life of Christ. It talked about from when He was born until He did the ultimate sacrifice, the Atonement. It was a really great lesson. So yeah that was my week. I love and miss yall!

Elder Chicas

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