Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos,
 I hope that yall are all doing great. So today I got a new comp. I am now with Elder Haderlie. Changes weren´t suppose to be until tomorrow but something happened to another elder. So I am now his companion. I am still in the same area of Ixtahuacan. We are the only elders in this area now cause they closed the other area. So now us 2 have to work all of this area and´s huge jajajaj but we will work hard to do what is needed to be done here. My week was great though. On Monday we didn´t do much. We just cleaned the house and rested for the day. We then went to write at the internet. On Tuesday we had a district meeting. The topic was over how to study better and what we can do to help our investigators more. So that was a great meeting. Then we worked here in Ixta with our investigators. It was a great day cause we had a lot of great lessons. On Wednesday we went to La Laguneta, another village in our area, to visit a new member. Her name is Rosa and she is a really nice woman. It was hard to get to here house because we were in the mountains. Oh it was the hottest day. It was really dusty but we made it. On Thursday we went to work in Platinar. We went to visit Maria to see how she was and invite here to church. Then we went with another new member named Crisitina. But she wasn´t there so we just did a little bit of contacting there. It was hard because they spoke a lot of mam there. So I am trying to learn a little of mam to be able to communicate at least a little with the people there.  On Friday we went to Acal. We were gonna go visit a lot of people to see how they were. But as we were arriving in Acal, we found out that there was a huge fiesta going on. So as we went to peoples houses, we came to find out that no one was home. They were all at the party. We then went with Josefa. We taught her a a little lesson. Her kids were so happy to see us. We were also happy to see them. And then we came back to Ixta. On Saturday we went with the Domingo family. We hadn´t visited them in a while but we wanted to so we went. We found out that the mother had here baby. He is a little boy. His name is Marcos Miguel Domingo Ordoñez. He looked to innocent and peaceful. I was happy to see that everything was going great with that family. We also went to visit Atruro and to invite him to church. He committed to come and so that was good. We also went with the Garcia family. We taught them over the Book of Mormon. They had many questions but we answered all of them. They said that they would read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it was true. On Sunday we went to church and well I had to give a talk. I talked over Jesus Christ and the importance of Him. I was so happy to be given the opportunity to speak. After church I received compliments that my talk was great. People said they felt so good to come to church and that they were happy they went. I was so glad to know that they were happy to come to church. So that was my week. I hope everything goes great for everyone. I love and miss yall!
 -Elder Chicas

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