Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this was an absolutely great/busy week. On Monday we left of area to go to Zaculeu which is an hour away. We spent our P-Day there. We left to get there at 8. So we got there and the zone activity was soccer. So that was fun. After that we did divisions with the leaders that are in that area. It was pretty awesome! I went with Elder Rodgerson. He is about to finish his mission at the end of this month. So that ws cool. We went with la familia Lopez to have a family home evening with them. One of their children turned 10 that day so they gave us cake which is good cause I like cake jajajaj. After that we went home to eat and then we went to sleep. On Tuesday we woke up at 5 to be able to get to Xela. We went to the temple on Tuesday and it was so great. The temple is such a special place. After the temple, my comp and I split up from the group because he had to go to the doctor. Well my comp has been here in Huehuetenango all his mission so he doesn´t know where anything is in Xela. But I knew where to go. It was so hot as we walked to the doctors office. We walked for a good hour in the scorching sun. But then we made it to the doctor. We sat in the waiting room for an hour and then we finally talked to the doctor for like 8 minutes. I thought that was funny. I was like "Wow!" After that we went with the mission nurses to tell them what the doctor said. Then we got on a bus that would bring us back to Huehue. Oh it was such a long ride. We got back to the house around 9 and we were both dead. On Wednesday and Thursday we worked super hard in our area. We went to aldeas, fought off dogs, sweated a lot, drank a lot of water, and took a couple of breaks. We went with Antonio to get him ready for him baptismal interview. He was ready. He was ready to get baptized. On Friday we did divisions and I went to Colotenango. I stayed there with Elder Wright. I shared an area with him in my last area. He is my bro. We worked a lot there in Colo. We started out by going to visit a sister who lived at the bottom of a mountain. Elder Wright said that there was another way to get back to the road when we got there so we wouldn´t have to climb the mountain. But after a member told us that the only way to get back to the road was by going up the mountain, I was about to fall over and cry. So then we climbed the mountain without stopping. Oh when we got the the top, Elder Wright and I were just drenched in sweat. It was so hot! So we took a little break. After that we went to visit other people. It was a pretty great day. On Saturday I got back to my area. I washed some clothes that I would need for the baptism. We then had the baptism. I baptized José Antonio Domingo Ordoñez and Elida Maribel Andres Mendez. On Sunday we went to church and had a great sacrament meeting. After sacrament meeting, President Caly came to me and asked me and another elder to go with him to do visits. Elder Gonzales and I accompanied him. On the way, one of the tires went flat. So went had to go get that fixed cause president didn´t have a spare tire with him. So after that was taken care of we went to visit a sister who lives way out in the middle of no where. We got to here house to find out that she wasn´t there. On the way back we saw kids that were fishing. President asked for a fish and so they gave him some. So yeah that was my week. It was super great! Well I love and miss yall!
Elder Chicas
Hola papá, me da gusto poder escribirle también. Y a la gran puchica. Está lloviendo mucho entonces. Los patojos y Alex estan pescandon? A la gran! Ese pescado ese gigante! Congrat dad! Ay yo quiero pescar. Ojalá uno de estos días me dejan jajaj I love you! I hope everything is going well. Y lo que mas me gusta de la misión.....hmmmm
Tiene que ser la gente de Guatemala. Ellos son muy amables y son muy buena onda. Y también todas las montañas que hay aquí. Son muy bonitas.
Okay well these are all the pics I got for yall today. I hope yall enjoy them.

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