Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this was a great week. It was my first week working with my new comp, Elder Haderlie. So I will get straight to my week. On Monday we had a great P-Day. I moved all of my stuff from the house where I was living down the hill to my new house. Elder Haderlie and I cleaned the house. Then we went around the town to see the activities that were going on for this Easter week. Then we went to the internet and started writing our families. On Tuesday we didn`t new much cause we were trying to figure out how we were gonna start working in the area. Like we shared an area. I was in Itxa 2 and he in Itxa 1. So we had our own investigators but then we became comps so we now have the same investigators. So yeah. On Wednesday we had district meeting. The topic was over the Restoration and we did a round table discussion. Everyone just put in comments and questions so that we could all talk and learn from it. It was pretty great. After that we came back and went with Jose Ordoñez. He is an investigator and we taught him a little lesson. He then gave us honey and bread. Well I am not a fan of honey but I took it anyways. It wasn`t too bad. The bread helped jajajaj. It was really kind of him and his family to share with us. They are a really nice family. Then we went with Alfonzo Domingo. We invited him to a class we were gonna have at night. We had that class and then we had a little branch counsel. It was us and Andres Ramirez. We talked about the things that could be done better in the branch and how we could help other come to church. On Thursday we had weekly planning. We planned lessons, worked in the area book, thought of investigators whom we could challenge to baptism, less active, recent converts, and other stuff in which I can`t remember at the time. Anyways, we were done with all this planning around 12. We then went to lunch and then to the aldeas. Well forgetting that it was the Holy Week, everyone was getting ready to go to a fiesta. So it wasn`t too successful in the aldeas that day. Then we went with Arturo to help him come back to church. On Friday we went up a mountain to meet an investigator. We got to him and had a great lesson over the Plan of Salvation. He had a lot of question. But he learned a lot. We are going back up later this week. We then heard that there was a less active that lived a little more up. So we went and found her. She is Juana Ordoñez. She was nice and welcomed us in. The reason she wasn`t coming to church is because she has to babies and it is hard for her to carry bother babies down the mountain by herself. So we are gonna go help her. We went with other members to invite them to conference. On Saturday and Sunday we had conference. I watched all the sessions and they were so great. I took so many notes. I learned a lot from it. So before conference I wrote 3 questions that I wanted them to answer. Just whatever 3 questions that I wanted to know. And I had every question answered within the first session but others also mentioned one of my questions. I was really happy to have my questions answered. I will give you an example of one the questions I had. I wanted to know how I could be a better missionary and how to help the people of my area. And in the first talk by President Eyring It was answered. I learned that I need to fast more. So that was really great. I hope that yall had a super great week. I know I did. And it got so much better when I got to hear the prophet and the apostles. I am super happy to be here in Guatemala. I have learned so much in the little time I have. I love and miss yall!
Elder Chicas
Thanks you for your testimony of this gospel. It is great to hear yours. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share mine each day. Mama, never let you testimony go. Always keep it with you in your heart. It will help you in the hard times. Know that I love you and I think about yall everyday. I have noticed a change in the little time I have in my mission in myself.  I love you!
And don`t forget next month I get to Skype yall again. Well I will talk to you next week. Bye. I love you!!!

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