Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
This was a quite difficult week but it is still great to be here. We had so many citas fall through. But in the citas that we didn´t have fall though, we had great lessons. We challenged 2 of our investigators to get baptized. There response were like yeah if I come to find out that the things yall taught us are true. So that was super great. Well this week last Monday we played football. It was so much fun. It was quite hot so we all got a little burnt jajajaj. On Tuesday we had a district meeting. I was the person in charge of giving the lesson. I taught over the importance of the Libro de Mormón. It went really well. After the meeting we went to eat. And from there our citas started falling. So we went to the aldea of Platinar to visit a less active who now started coming back to church. His name is Beken. He lives with his wife who is not a member. She is interested in learning about the church so we are gonna start teaching her. Then we were gonna go to a choir practice for the branch conference that we are having this upcoming Sunday. But as we were coming around a corner to get to the church the lights went out. And it was raining. Wow we were outside without a flashlight or raincoat. Yeah so that was un. But it is good that we only live 2 minutes away from the church. So we bought candles and went home. We can´t be out at night when there is no electricity. So we went home and chilled. While chillen there in the dark, a light came on. And then we heard the fridge motor come on. So we went out and went to go visit Arturo. And that was our last cita for the night. On Wednesday we had a super great lesson with an investigator who is named Jonathan. Arturo went with us and we had the lesson at the church. We taught him lesson 3 which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well. He had so many questions. Once we had answered one question he came out with another one. So it is good that he wants to know. On Thursday we had our weekly planning session. After that we went to lunch. Then we went to the aldea of Acal. Well it would´ve been nice for it to have rained that day because it was so hot. Like I can´t remember the last time I went there when it wasn´t hot. But it was okay. We are still alive so that is super great. We went to contact some reference that we received from there. The first reference wasn´t there and the other reference was drunk. We then went with Beken and his wife, Rosa, in Platinar. We sang hymns cause they love to sing. They really liked it and they thanked us for being so kind with them. After that we went to the choir practice but eveyone that was there was sick. So that failed once again jajajaj. After that we went with Arturo to teach his son-in-law english. On Friday we helped the secretaries get stuff outta of the last house I lived in. They came and got the beds, desks, and dishes. After that we went to lunch and then we went with Arturo to visit a less active. The less active´s name is Jairo. Then we went with an investigator named Jose Ordoñez. His family is super nice. They gave us corn so we ate that. Then we went with another less active named Rosita Maldonado to confirm a cita we were gonna have later in the week. On Saturday we went with the Domingo family. They were super happy to see us. Then we went with an investigator named Warner but he was drunk. So that wasn´t good. Later we went to the church to help a less active come back to church. Then we had a tarde de hermanamiento to get members to come and fortify there testimonies. Then we taught a lesson to a reference that we received. The family is named the Perez family. They are really nice. After the lesson they invited us in to eat so eggs and beans (cena de un chapín como yo jajajaj). On Sunday we had to give a talk. So as the meeting is starting, I open my backpack to get my notes out. But there was a huge problem. I didn´t have my notes! So I had to go up and just give the message without my notes. Well I did it without anyproblem. I mean the notes would´ve been nice to have but I did well. So yeah that was my week. I love and miss yall!
Elder William Atilio Chicas

Mother Marilyn just told me the news. I am gonna be an uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad that yall are receiving many blessings. I forgot to answer the questions you gave me earlier. Mom, honestly yes I feel like my life has been changed. It is still changing. I feel such a love for this work and the people I get to work with. It is absolutely amazing. Yes I feel my Heavenly Father´s love stronger than even. I look for each blessing He gives me each day. Let´s just say that there isn´t a number high enough to tell you how many blessing I have received as my time as a missionary. I am always so happy to see how yalls week went. I know that the Lord is blessing yall because I know he is blessing me. I love yall so much!
Elder Chicas

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