Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Dear family and Friends,
 I am doing really great! The only thing that is killing me right now is the heat, The rainy season is supposed to start within these next 2 weeks. So I hope that the rain comes. That would make me really happy. I go through so many bottles of water a day. But I am still loving it here. I am living the life here in Guatemala. I feel so great and happy to be here. Well this last Monday we stayed here in Ixtahuacan. We had a great lesson in the evening with an investigators named Jonathan Sales. He has a lot questions but we answer them all. He is a pilas dude and he learns a lot. On Tuesday we had a district meeting and the topic was about inviting people to baptism. It was a really great topic and lesson. So to practice inviting people, we did role plays! Yay(Sacasm)!!!!!!!!!!!! But when Elder Haderlie and I got called to do it, we did really well. Like at the end when the others say what we could better on, there was no comment. So that was good. After that we went with President to visit people. We invited people to the conference we were gonna have in the branch. That was great. On Wednesday had divisions with the district leader. So I stayed here and went with him to visit them investigators and people of Ixtahuacan. Most of the citas fell through but we had good lessons. At the end of the day we ended the divisions cause the next day we had interviews with the president. When my comp got back, we went to eat then we went home. It was such a long day. On Thursday we went to Huehuetenango to have interviews with President Smith. We woke up at 5 to be able to be out the door by 6. Well we got to Huehue but we were told the wrong time. We were supposed to be there an hour later. So the zone leaders told us to go and contact. So we did that. It was fun. Then it came time for us to go to the interviews. I went in with President first and my comp went with Sister Smith. So my interview went well. President said that if we are walking, it is time to run. That means if we are working hard, we need to start working harder. So then when we got back to Ixtahuacan, we started We went with Beken Ramirez who is a member and his wife who is not. Her name is Rosa. She is really cool. We taught her a lesson and then we invited her to be baptized. She said yes. So we are gonna have a baptism on the 16 of May. We are gonna continue to help here prepare for that day. She is a super pilas girl. She is really nice too. On Friday we had weekly planning in the morning and then we had Beken and Rosa again cause she wanted us to come back the next day. So that was really goo. Then we went with la familia Garcia. We made then waffles and they enjoyed them a lot. Then we taught them about the restoration. They are gonna pray to see if what we taught was true. So the next time we go, we are gonna challenge them to baptism. On Saturday we went with an investigator named Warned Ortiz Ramirez. We taught him a little lesson then we left. We contacted after the cita with him. We later had the priesthood session of branch conference. It was really great! We had the leaders from Huehuetenango come to our area. They gave great talks. On Sunday we had branch conference in the morning. After church we went with Hermana Sandra. And then we went to contact a little bit. We are focusing on find new investigators. Well that`s all I have for today. I love and miss yall!
Elder Chicas

Yeah we are crazy. But my comp is really cool and his spanish is really good too. And mother, I have dropped 26 pounds in the time I have here. It isn`t a lot but it`s something jajajaja.

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