Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
I am doing great. I am enjoying my new area. It is an awesome place. I am now in the city part of Huehuetenango. My week was pretty great. also. We had a lot of lessons with members. They were really key lessons and they all went well. It has been hot, quite hot. Let's just say that I bought a 2 liter bottle of water and it was gone within 20 minutes. I refilled it 4 times in 1 day. I am just sweating like crazy here jajajaj. We didn't really have any big problems with any dogs this week. There was one who got close to getting a chunk out of my leg. But we made it passed him safely. On the way back out we heard him. But we couldn't see where he was and we had forgotten our flashlights at the house. But we just booked it out of that area. So we are all good. This week I have eaten a lot of 7 caldos (a really hot chili pepper). It is really good but it burns quite a lot jajajaj. There is this family who makes their all their food with 7 caldos. So let's just say that I am chilero now. I think I was sweating more when I ate that pepper by itself than when I was walking all day. Jajajajaj I was on fire. I got a video but I can´t download videos on here because it is too big for this email. But I will share a lot of video with yall when I get back home.
The name of the ward is Colonia but the name of the city is Huehuetenango, Huehuetango, Guatemala.

I bought a really cool jacket today. It is called traje de todos santos. The jacket is awesome! I will send pics with it on next week

Let's just say I got some corte pants. And they are sick! Jajajajaja.

Love Elder Chicas


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