Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Dear family, 

I am super glad to be able to email you again on this great Monday. Well it is raining here in Momos. It has been raining all day. But I am not gonna complain because it gets rid of the dust that gets kicked up when fletes pass by. So that is good. I know that on Saturday was Alex's birthday. I knew that he would either go to El Toro, Pizza Hut, or our house for fajitas. Jajajaj he likes to keep it simple. El Toros is always the best place to go for a birthday. Oh before I forget, mother can you send me the recipe for mole. A sister here wants to attempt to make it. I love mole! Jajajaj I haven't eaten mole in 15 months. That is gonna be the first thing that I am gonna want to eat when I get back home. It is super good! And wow, Andy likes going to dances now. And jajajaj Tony went to Six Flags?!?! He is lucky that we went there right before I left because there he learned that those rides are for the debil. I am glad to know that they are doing well. I am also glad to know that the family is doing well. And yeah we will see if Tony is taller than me when I get back. I hope not because if so, that will be embarrassing jajajaj. Wow Andy and Tony are super pilas! Great job with 2 medals. Jajajaj Andy is gonna have some records there in Elkhart High School for cross country. Things are going great here in Guatemala. Our investigators are progressing quite well. We have Gerardi, familia Baten, and Alejandro Lux as progressing investigators. They are pilas investigators. They have a lot of questions and that is awesome because that is why we are they. We are there to help them understand! They are understanding and it is super great to be able to help them. No, we didn't have a baptism this past Saturday. She ahs to get married first and then she will get baptized. I am talking about Maria Elena. She is positive but she hasn't attended church in 3 weeks because she is taking care of some business with her suegros. 
 Well I love and miss yall. 

Elder William Atilio Chicas

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