Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Well the work is progressing. This Saturday we have 3 baptisms. Then we have another one next Saturday. I love working with these people. It is so awesome.

 I am aslo so so so proud to be the older brother of 2 strong, young athletes. I am sure that they are tired. But it will all pay off when they both have 6 packs jajaja. I love these pictures . Keep sending me pictures weekly.

The great thing about the mission is that it prepares you for life. It teaches me that I will have to work with people that I might not like sometimes, how to use my money, and how to use my time.

That is Hermano Hernandez. And no I didn´t say the pledge because I didn´t know it know it jajaja. And the celebrations are great. The fair is in my area. This fair is apparently the biggest fair in Central America and I live about 15 minutes from it jajajaja.

So next week I will send baptism and fiesta pictures. Bye I love you.

Elder Chicas

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