Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Well my week was great. We are actually gonna baptize another investigator this week. She had to get married first (which she did Saturday). Her name is Yoselin and she is so pilas. Well here is how my week went. Monday was P-Day and so we just chilled and then went to a Noche de Hogar. On Tuesday we have a multi-zone conference. And President Smith is truly inspired of God. He knows what he is doing. And so he was gonna give a talk but he said that before he spoke, he wanted to chose 4 people to give their testimony. There were about 60-80 people there. And guess who he! Oh it was so great. I got up there and I bore my testimony. I was a little nervous but I felt the Spirit up there with me. The multi-zone meeting lasted about 6 hours. But it was so great. On Wednesday, We went to teach a new investigator. But she forgot and wasn't at her house, but her daughter was and so we started teaching her. She is a new investigator. We taught her about the temples. And if you are wondering, my spanish is awesome!jajajjaaa... I cant want until yall hear it at Christmas. I think you will be surprised. On Thursday, We went with some recent converts. They are the Familia Mazariegos. They are so great. They are the suegros of the girls who is getting baptized this week. They keep supporting her in the choice to be baptized. On Friday, we contacted a lot. We didn't have a lot of success, but I learned a lot from it. The failures I have had are that we get rejected but that is the way I learn. learn from my failures. It is so great. The 2 words that a missionary in Guatemala hates to hear are ¨Fijase que¨ because that means they are making up an excuses to not listen to us, but it´s kinda funny to hear. On Saturday, we had the marriage of Yoselin which was a long wedding. It was great though. Me and my comp got to be the servers. We served the drinks and the food. Jajajaj it was so fun.  I am also making my own ties now. I already have 7 corte ties. They are so awesome! I love them. By the way I was eating breakfast  the other day when my friend told me that the Cowboys beat the Saints. Oh I was so happy! The cowboys will be champions this year. Ask Andy to record the games because I will watch them when I return.  The only real problem I have are the dogs. They are everywhere! But I haven´t been bitten yet. And I hope I won´t be jajaja. I will be careful mama.
Elder Chicas

These kids are Wilson (the older one), Jeremy (the skinny one) and Christopher (the baby). They are part of la familia Hernandez. I love that family so much. They are great.

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