Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014


Today I will write in english so that I don´t forget it jajaj. 
I am glad to that y'all still got pictures last week. I am so proud to have 2 little brothers who are so awesome. Andy, I´m sure comes home exhausted from band in the morning and the running in the evening. Wow!!! That just blows my mind. Tony, I´m positive will excel in football. He is fast and always has a great attitude. With a great attitude, anything can be done. And I am so glad to hear that y'all got my letter. That makes me super happy. Thanks for the photos. Mama, I love you and I miss you. I hope you are doing great. I hope the kids in school are being good.
 It is so great to hear from you. I always love receiving emails from y'all. And jajaj I know it seems like it was just yesterday that y'all dropped/abandoned me at the airport lol. I can´t believe the time has gone by so fast.  I have worked hard to do the best I can and put all of my trust in the Lord. And He has surely blessed me. He gave me a great family like y'all to support me and love me. And I am so thankful to Him for that. Y'all are the best family ever!!! I love the pictures Marilyn. I have the family picture of us at graduation on my desk. I see it everyday and I thank God for y'all. Ive been studying and working, and all of the effort is paying off. I challenged 3 people to baptism this past week and they accepted. My companion challenged another person. So we have 4 baptisms set. 3 for the 20th and 1 for the 27th. We will continue to work hard to maybe have more this month.This mission is the best. I absolutely love it!
Elder Chicas

This is Hermana Gabby and the little girl is Jamie.

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