Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

First I want to say that I am sorry for my ¨lack of info¨emails. And so I will try do better jajaja.

Well this week was a week of mucho exito. 

   Monday we had P-Day and we played capture the flag as a zone. Oh it was so much fun. I could play capture the flag all day if I was allowed to. 

   Tuesday we went to contact a reference that we received from a member. But she didn´t get a name or phone number. So we were like wow that is a great reference jajaja. But she told us around where she lived and that she had a blue door. So that day we went and contacted just blue doors for about 2 hours. We contacted 4 blue doors. And with those 4 doors we didn´t find the woman but we found 4 more investigators. That was so awesome. The Lord had us contact those doors because there was someone there waiting to hear from the missionaries. Then later that day we went contacting for 2 more hours. We got 3 new investigators from that.

   Then on Wednesday we had a zone meeting. We just met and learned how to improve the work. Then we went to a sister´s house to share a a little message with her. We were just there for about 15 minutes but we had a powerful lesson. Then we went to a less active´s house because it was her birthday. She was surprised that we came. She was so happy to see us. At first we planned to share a message then leave which would´ve took about 30 minutes. But then after the message she said that she would love to have us stay and eat with her family. So we stayed and that made her so happy. 

   On Thursday we went to teach the final lesson to the girls who were gonna be baptized. The final lesson they needed was on tithing. So we taught it. 

   Then on Friday we had the interviews. The DL (district leader) said they were so pilas and that they were so ready to be baptized. 

   Then Saturday they were baptized. Oh I was so nervous. But I did it and it was awesome. They were so happy but me and my comp were as happy as them. They are so great. And now we are working with their parents. Their dad has 2 weeks without drinking. We are working so hard with him. We want him to quit so that he can be happy with his family. His family is so happy that he hasn´t drunk. They thank us a lot. But it isn´t us that is making him quit. It is the hand of the Lord helping him. And it is also the example they are putting for him. 

   Then on Sunday we confirmed them as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Then after church we were talking with that family. And a member came to them and asked the parents why they weren´t members yet. The mom said we are but we just haven´t been baptized.....................yet. They want to be baptized but we are gonna go one more week and see if the husband can really give up drinking. Oh I know they will be baptized one day. Even if I am not the one who baptizes them, I know they will be members one day. Well thats been my week. 

Elder Chicas

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