Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
This has been a great week. I am writing super early today because I won´t have time later. We have to leave our area tonight at 6. The reason for this is because we are going to the temple tomorrow. So we have to leave so that we can be closer to Xela. We have to be there by 9. So yeah I am excited to get to go to Xela tomorrow. But then we might have to stay there which I don´t wanna do. My comp has to go to the doctor. So I hope he stays for like 10 minutes and then we can come back to Ixta. We´ll see what happens. Well on Monday we had a district activity. We played american football and it was so fun. After that we came back to our area and went to eat. Then we went to write our family. On Tuesday there were changes but we didn´t have changes. On Wednesday we had a district meeting. Well no one had keys to the church so we had the meeting in the other elders house. I gave a talk over knowledge that we gain from the scriptures. After that we came back to Ixta and got to work. On Thursday we went woth la familia Domingo to help prepare one of there sons for baptism. We are gonna baptize Antonio. The we went with Sandra and her family. We taught a little lesson because they are a super pilas family and they help us out a lot but we wanted to teach something so we did. On Friday we went with Sandra to go visit a refence she gave us. She took us to a family that is really cool. In the family there are 5 people. The parent are Jose and Katarina. The children are Luis, Melissa, and Maydali. We also went to the aldeas that pertain to our area. Oh it is just super hot and there is a lot of dust there. And sometimes there are dogs that wanna bite us. Jajajaj the struggle. But I am all good. On Saturday we went to the Domingo family. We had a piñata and cupcakes because it was Antonio birthday. So that was really fun. The kids really enjoyed hitting the piñata. After that we went to contact a reference we received but when we got to the house the mom was like no to receiving us so we left. But at least we tried. Then we had an activity with some investigators. It was fun. On Sunday we went to church. We had a really great lesson with one of the youth of the church. He wanted to know what to say in a situation. So we helped him. This youth is named Franklin. He is one of Sandra´s kids. He is super cool. He goes to citas with us. So yeah that was my week. I hope everything is going great for yall. I love yall!
Elder Chicas

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